In 1995, Al and I (Marge) started our first internet business offering an amazing natural product CMO (cerasomal cis-9-cetyl myristoleate)  combined with HPR ( a homeopathic arthritis pain reliever).

This ideal combination not only provides relief for the minor pain of arthritis, it also promotes the normal, healthy structure and function of the joints.*

CMO+HPR are truly unique products. Review the studies at www.cis9.com.Take this combo for a couple of weeks and the positive benefits often last for years. Nothing else can compare – at any price!

Trying to find another product that was just as unique and desirable as CMO+HPR proved to be a tough act to follow. In the end, it happened that we didn’t find the new product, it found us. In April 2002, a friend and neighbor stopped in and told me he was wearing something called a Balance Bracelet. Soon another neighbor, who is getting on in years, called to tell me she was wearing a Balance Bracelet. She loved it. I decided I should look into this Balance Bracelet thing, so I ordered 12 bracelets and gave them to friends. Their response was: Where can I get more of these bracelets to give as gifts? Investigation showed that www.balancebracelet.com was for sale. The rest is history.

Over the years, we have cautiously added a couple more well researched, proven products to our line: TerraQuant Lasers and HylaJoint Supplements Both offer drug free solutions to common health challenges.

Supplements available on the internet are too numerous to count and many are of questionable value. How to decide if you are not a nutritionist, or even if you are, is a serious dilemma. Trinisol may be the answer. The fact is: We need to supplement, as many foods today are void of the valuable nutrients provided before soils were depleted and imports were irradiated. Trinisol is the answer to the number one cause of sickness and disease – malnutrition. This plant based system of products gives you what you need. Trinisol products are adaptagenic allowing your body to access its innate intelligence to use these nutrients effectively for individual optimal health. You will feel noticeably better.


Our Competitive Edge?

Our customer service is the best on the internet because our small staff are all fully trained in each product line; meaning they have used, and/or evaluated for themselves, each one, and can therefore, answer all your questions from personal experience, not from a sheet of paper telling them what to say. All products are not perfect for all people. Having help deciding what may be best for your particular needs, is extremely valuable.


*The manufacturer makes no claim that there is a scientific consensus regarding this product. The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The Balance Bracelet is a non-medical device.

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